Cruising Concepts Boarding Ladders come in standard configurations and can also be designed for sailboat upgrades and yacht retrofitting. They are made from solid teak with 7/8″ thick sides and 3/4″ x 4″ deep steps.

A four-step teak boat ladder with standoff legs.
Cruising Concepts' teak boarding ladder installed on a sailboat.

Available in special 8″ depth, custom boarding ladders for your boat come in standard configurations:2-step , 4-step , 5-step and 6-step (4, 5, & 6: folded 8″ depth, 4″ unfolded).They can be configured to attach to a Genoa Track, Toerail or boat hull. Hardware is available in stainless or bronze.

Customer feedback about a custom teak boarding ladder from the Cruising Concepts line:

Perspective shot of a Cruising Concepts' teak boarding ladder
Specifications for boarding ladder mounting.

Our Cruising Concepts ladder, custom made for us by Mike, has been one of the best additions we have made to our Island Packet 350. 

Unfolded teak boarding ladder ready for use.

Last year we changed from an inflatable dinghy to a fiberglass Bauer 10 but could not get in and out of the dinghy through the sugar scoop transom of the IP without banging the dinghy into the mother ship. The ladder has allowed us to climb in and out of the dinghy securely and having both boats protected with regular fenders hung on both sides of the ladder. Problem solved!

Alexis A. Arjona L.   
Vicepresidente Senior y Gerente General Banco Aliado, S.A.